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Virus Removal

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Virus Removal Questions & Answers

What is a computer virus? How do i fix this virus or find virus removal in Charlotte, NC? A computer virus is basically a software application that spreads itself from one pc to another with the intention of causing unwanted operating system interferences and system corruption. It can corrupt and destroy data on your hard drive, spread to other computers via email and also remove all data on your hard drives which will result in total system failure. It is a fact that most computer viruses spread via emails and can also infect your pc when you engage in instant messaging chats. Having said this it is very important that you only open emails which you are familiar with and avoid any suspicious looking emails which may contain attachments. Whether it be harmless looking greeting cards, pictures or sound files you need to be aware. Whenever you download a software application from the internet you will also need to take caution as most free programs are bundled with spyware, adware or virus related software which can immediately infect your pc upon installation and execution. For computer repair charlotte call Wright.

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